Staff tries to be horizontal bikes

If you have any questions in The Body of Coppens Thursday. It can, it should. That the Staff and Mathias a lot of viewers have every week with the program compassion, is an understatement. That can be seen at the many questions they also this season is received. That are often scientific questions, but also questions that Touring roadside assistance could get. Viewer Annemie asked me how a band can be replaced if you are on your way to the south of France, forget to realize that you have no jack with you. So blew Staff, and Mathias their inventiveness to life. Literally: with the help of a picnic table and a few air mattresses, they were successful in the car on the lift and a flat tire to be replaced.

Viewer Silke wanted to go a step further and wondered whether Staff and Mathias with the bike ‘wall of death’ could defy. Such a wall consists of a very large wooden tub where you are with the bike horizontally against the wall laps riding a bike. The brothers built their own wall of death with a diameter of 8 meters, a mini-version of the velodrome in the ‘kuipke’ in Ghent. It took a lot of efforts, grit and bruises but mainly speed for this test to succeed.

A few seasons ago, proven Staff, and Mathias that it is possible to create a looping walk. That stunt sparks the imagination of many viewers and the question or Staff, and Mathias is also a loop could cycle back often. They sought one another out, but that turned out not so easy. However, the brothers there in their own way in to overkop to go with the bike. The very happens to be present, Sven Nys is enabled immediately as a human subject. This was the first (and the last) time that Sven is safe overkop went with the bike.

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