’Saudi sisters lived before they geduct-navigation in water were’

New York – The mysterious death of two Saudi siblings love New York engaged. Meanwhile, it appears the police to the scenario of a double suicide, now more clear about the cause of death of young women. Detectives now know that Samoa Farea (16) and her 22-year-old sister Rotana Farea lived before them in the water-camps.

A jump or fall in the water from the George Washingtonbrug seems to be excluded, partly because there are no traces of trauma were found on the bodies. That has to be one of the researchers explained. What the exact cause of death is, will or can the recherche, however, not disclose.

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Dead Saudi sisters to each other geduct-hry

Initially, the police in New York to great lengths to determine whose bodies were found. By means of compositietekeningen was tried to the sisters to identify.

Bodies with faces to each other

The mortal remains of the two were stranded last week on the banks of the Hudson river. The sisters were, fully dressed, with the faces turned to each other to each other taped. They wore almost the same clothes: a black legging with a black jacket and a bontkraagje.

What exactly is with the young women happened, is still a mystery. The recherche does everything to find out how the two meet their end came.

Not long died

Since the bodies of Tala and Rotana are not yet in a state of dissolution were, the police assume that they not so long ago were dead when they were found. In August, was the youngest sister missing in the place of residence Fairfax, about 350 kilometres away in the state of Virginia. When it turned out that she is with her sister, the loss is withdrawn. On October 24, their bodies are on or near the riverbank, discovered by a passer-by.

According to American media were the sisters several times ran away from home. What was happening within the family is unclear.

Their mother has now declared that it is a day for the discovery of the bodies, a phone call had been from a officer of the embassy of Saudi Arabia in the US. It was the family dedicated America to leave because the two daughters political asylum had requested.


The Saudi consulate in New York, declared a ’lawyer on the case to have put’ and the case carefully follow. The discovery of the ladies, and the story of an ominous call, after the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, a spicy moment.

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