Prisoner chose electric chair over lethal injection

Tennessee – A sentenced to death prisoner has indicated a preference to die by means of an electric chair than a lethal injection. The execution of the man from the American state of Tennessee is expected to be on Thursday night at around 19: 00 local time.

The 63-year-old Edmund Zagorski was condemned to death for the murder of two men in 1984. He asked in October on the day that his death sentence is actually to exportation would be brought in by means of an injection to electrocution. This he did because in his state a controversial drug in the lethal injection, reports CNN. His lawyers argued on the grounds that the injection to him in the last ten to fifteen minutes in his life in “extreme fear and excruciating pain” would bring, while the electric chair he is only unbearable pain would give for fifteen to thirty seconds.”

Meanwhile, the battle around the judgment. Zagorski’s attorney Paul Bottei says that he is still fighting for the execution to be postponed because the U.s. Supreme court in October not to Zagorki’s wishes would listen.

Controversial drug

In the lethal injection is the ingredient midazolam. According to the critics, it is not a painkiller and will the condemned a massive pain to endure during the execution of the death penalty.

The drug was used during multiple excecuties in 2014. The convict Joseph Wood almost two hours to die after he the agent was administered. The state of Arizona, therefore, decided to discontinue the use of midazolam.

Also another prisoner, Clayton Lockett, was used during an execution in Oklahoma is injected with the drug. In place of unconscious touch, he began to convulse. The execution was then halted, but Lockett eventually died anyway, after 43 painful minutes.

In Ohio caught on the to death Dennis McGuire to breath and he had also suffered from convulsions. It took ten minutes before he died, reports CNN.

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