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Plattsburgh banned Bitcoin-Miner, and promotes the solution of the energy problem

Where electricity is cheap, Bitoin Miner. Also, the small U.S. town of Plattsburgh, in the state of New York, moved with his cheap electricity tariffs, a large Miner-hinges. But pleased to the nearly 20,000 inhabitants were not Plattsburgh about it and found numerous arguments against Bitcoin Mining – and a Moratorium.

Since the Mining of crypto-currencies, high electricity costs, try Bitcoin-to-use Miner, according to cheap sources of energy. This has also been observed in a number of cases, such as in Norway, Sweden, Australia, or Canada.Like Forbes on 31. October reported, the U.S. town of Plattsburgh, also a large Miner-Coulter – thanks to the very favourable electricity prices. With a 2.7 cents per Kilowatt, the mayor of the city of Plattsburgh, Colin Read, said that its electricity as the best in the world. As this lured in 2016, many of the miners in the small town near the canadian border, the price of a Bitcoin is US $ 20,000. Correspondingly high is the interest, the Bitcoin Mining process.

No jobs and high power consumption

This rush to the platform burghers observed, however, with great discomfort. The mayor Read summarizes the reasons for this displeasure in a nutshell:

“They consume a lot of power and employ very few people.”

Where new industries arise that bring a variety of new arrivals, it is expected that normally an upswing in the economy. New jobs were not able to create the Miner, the Mining of everyday life is not easy. The electricity, the Mining Computer is consuming, it was also the reason for the collection of the miners.

So cheap he is unlimited, he could not be used. Because of the cheap electricity comes from water power plants on the nearby St. Lawrence River, which supplied originally melt industrial operations such as Aluminum. After the majority of these melts were closed, received Plattsburgh continue to have access to a monthly amount of cheap energy, but in case of Exceeding the fixed quota, each additional kilowatt-hour is drastically more expensive.

These Overruns were repeated regularly after the Bitcoin-Miner had kept in Plattsburgh catchment. According to the electricity costs of local residents increased by up to 50 percent. Who paid for previously Heating costs 80 US dollars, now had to muster every month, 120 dollars. Also, the industrial electricity consumers were exempted from this increase. So the electricity costs for a major employer in the Region, Mold-Rite Plastics, in a month, by as much as $ 26,000.

Bitcoin Mining: Too loud and too hot

However, not only the high power consumption was the Platt burghern a thorn in the eye. Mining computers generate due to their high outputs, a lot of heat. This huge heat quantities in the atmosphere, caused pain to the mayor’s belly. To oppose something, Read launched a new local law, which obliged the Bitcoin-Miner to have a certain share of the produced energy or heat for re-use. Already in about a week, it is expected to enter into force.

In addition to wasting energy, which is emitted in the Form of excess heat in the air, turned the residents complain about the high noise level. This is responsible for some of the flat burghers no longer possible to open the window without the noise disturbed.

Moratorium for Miner

The sudden Mining-euphoria fumes of the city, imposed by the city Council in March an 18-month Moratorium on new Miner. Thus, such a ban was imposed for the first time within the United States. Read explains this step as an emergency brake:

“With the existing processes, we can do little. We are at least sure that the Problem is worse and the fee payer are protected.“

For Plattsburgh

In the long term, it could crystallize out of trouble with the Bitcoin miners, but a happy solution. The 19-year-old Ryan developed Brienza, born and raised in Plattsburgh, is currently Mining devices, which are modular in structure and heat recycle. The prototype for the as yet no Name exists, the restore of the young entrepreneurs made of wood, but the final product will be completely made of metal. The price is set at 30,000 US dollars, and volume discounts are planned.

The proud price may, however, be due to the special Feature of the Miners justified: The entire heat of the unit is delivered to a single point, so that it can be recycled and collected. “We could heat houses in Plattsburgh,” says Brienza. “Our goal is to build it here in Plattsburgh and throughout the city.” To realize this, and thus may still stimulate the economy, would have to abandon the city, however, the Moratorium initially.

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