Overmars: ’Some guys, you can keep it’

dfe512bcbeb5f2149dc27f84dca7dc9d - Overmars: ’Some guys, you can keep it’

Director of football cases Marc Overmars

“In the winter, there really is no one way”, he suggested that the camera of FOX Sports. “No, that is really pathetic.” Overmars is expected, however, that, after the season some players have to sell.

“Some guys have such a low level. That you can no longer keep. I think there are three or four players,” says Overmars. “We want to be there, however, as little as possible to lose. We also, they are really not all sell. But for some players, here are the top five or six of Europe are always present. We will do our homework well need to do so that they can be replaced.”

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According to the Spanish and English newspapers have clubs a lot of money for Frenkie de Jong and Matthijs de ligt. Overmars would not let himself be lured to amounts in his mouth. However, he wanted to say, however, that the current selection of Ajax, according to him, significantly is worth more than 250 million euro. “The good thing is that our players now also not with a departure. They first want to have a nice year.”

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