Niels Destadsbader again next year in the Sportpaleis

fb0433d2d9802b6a0cf9eff218941090 - Niels Destadsbader again next year in the Sportpaleis

At the beginning of this year, announced Niels Destadsbader that he his thirtieth birthday in style would celebrate with his audience. A second album, a busy festival summer, many hits and many rehearsals later tonight, finally so far: a big verjaardagsconcert in the Sportpaleis in antwerp! And he does that again tomorrow! For the stage animal lover, this is a dream come true.
The demand for tickets was huge. In no time were both of the concerts completely sold out. Who in addition to a ticket grip can, however, relieved breathing, as Niels Destadsbader returns at the end of 2019 back to the Antwerp temple of music. That he was just full of pride himself known on the stage of the Sportpaleis. Two brand new shows, on Friday 6 and Saturday 7 december!
“The Sportpaleis is always my biggest dream. Over the past half a year I with an incredible amount of enthusiasm to these concerts to work. Now I know that we are here again next year may, is the feast these days, only bigger. I’m incredibly grateful and proud,” says Niels.
Tickets for the two najaarsconcerten of next year are now available via .

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