Neil Young confirms marriage with Daryl Hannah

The singer-songwriter gave up on the fansite of his band Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young a new live video free of the song Ohio. In the post he says that he is the song in 1970, wrote after he was a student who was shot by the National Guard during protests against the Vietnam war. “That was a crucial moment in our history. Just as we are now at a crucial time,” said Young, who by the way is Canadian.

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“Neil Young and Daryl Hannah are married’

The musician makes in his message strongly for stricter arms legislation, and commends students who go for better living conditions. “We stand behind them. We are them. My wife Daryl and I have this video made to even have to think about it.”

Neil (72) and Daryl (57) since 2014 together, after the musician after 36 years from his wife Pegi separated. At the end of August there were rumors that the two tied the knot were stepped on. A day after the alleged ceremony placed Daryl a picture of an owl with a cryptic message there on Instagram. “Someone watches over us….love and nothing but love.” It responded to many fans with gelukswensen, but Neil and Daryl confirmed that that is indeed the explanation of the post was.

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