Mysterious deformed babies in France

PARIS – No hand, no fingers, no arm. Meanwhile, there are 25 known cases of babies between 2000 and 2014 with deformed limbs were born. The French ministry of Health announced yesterday an investigation.

Sunflower fields. Beauty or sluipgif?

Interestingly, eighteen of these children in the world in the department of Ain, between Lyon and Geneva. In the Loire-Atlantique (Western France), three cases have been reported in Brittany four.

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Each year, a small number of babies with malformations were born, but for them, the cause is known. It is a chromosomal defect, or the side effects of a drug, such as thalidomide, that in the Netherlands, in the now of the market extracted drug Thalidomide was. A viral infection at the beginning of the pregnancy can also have serious consequences, but none of the mothers of these 25 babies there too. The women used no drugs, all had a different diet, were not working in the same sector and had no genetic problems.


Epidemiologist Emmanuelle Amar, who stands at the head of an institute that malformations detects and registers in South-eastern France, know only one agreement to call all women live in the countryside, near the sunflower and corn fields. There is copious speculation about whether pesticides on these fields is not the cause of the malformations.

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For the parents, the news was a big shock. One of the fathers fainted during the delivery, in the Ain had doctors in two cases, the deviation on the echo is not seen. Mothers feel guilty, and are afraid that they have done something wrong during the pregnancy.

According to Amar, there is so far too little and limited research done. The epidemiologist suspects that there is in the Ain might be more cases, because this area for 2009 is not under the care fell from her institute.

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