’#MeToo’ seems to be widespread in North Korea

SEOUL – North Korean women are powerless against sexual violence by government officials. Sexual harassment is so prevalent that it is seen as a normal phenomenon in daily life in the isolated dictatorship, concludes Human Rights Watch, after interviews with dozens of escaped North Koreans.

North Korean women are powerless against sexual violence by government officials.

Refugees did during the interviews with the human rights organization, a book open about the abuse. Women refuse ’sexual favors’ to give away large risks. Their goods can be confiscated and they may even end up in jail.

“Have sex with men who have power over you and allow them to you all over your body touching, is necessary to survive”, says one of the women. Report never came in her. “The police abused himself also women. Why would they ever do their research to a verkrachtingszaak?”


The perpetrators are high party officials, prison guards, soldiers, and agents. With most of the victims that their story did, found the abuse take place while they are in detention, were or worked as traders. Which often have no official permission to go to other areas to travel and are vulnerable on the road to be caught.

Some men would find that women are lucky because their bodies can use. “Many male traders say that we are lucky because we have this “weapon ” have”, sigh, a former sigarettenhandelaar. “I responded never. Felt only bitter.”

No final judgment

HRW acknowledges that on the basis of the interviews, no definitive judgment can be reached about the extent of the abuse. However, a clear picture emerges. “North Korean women would probably be ‘Me Too’ to say if they thought the right would prevail, but they have no say in the dictatorship of Kim Jong-un”, says director Kenneth Roth of HRW.

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