Linda de Mol is taking a shower but a minute

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Linda de Mol

The amount that they save, keeps them in the app and will donate them after the people’s action week, to children who are less fortunate. In addition to the shorter shower saves Linda next week also on other luxury perks. “I’m going to this week, with the flowers in the house, skip it. How nice, I always find, I can a week without,” she says on the eve of the people’s action week, which lasts until november 7. “And I’m usually on a Thursday, out to eat, or I order some, but now I dive into my freezer.”

Nicolette van Dam is doing as an ambassador of Unicef the Netherlands also participated in the action. “Next week I will go as far as possible try at home to cook,” says Nicolette. “In weekends we would sometimes pizzas to order, but this weekend we are going to correct themselves. I love to be with my daughters to cook and find that they are also nice, they help me like in the kitchen. In addition, we will also ensure that we we not all outside the home buy. We now understand a great snack for on the go if we go somewhere, so we don’t have anything immediately on the spot, have to buy.”


Linda de Mol has no target in mind. “I’m going to per day to watch what I less or otherwise can do and then fill out what I could about them save. At the end of the week it is for me exciting to know what I’m totally better.”

The app is Worse for the children, starting Wednesday, to download. Linda and Nicolette: “This is the first year of the campaign. We hope, of course, at first a lot of enthusiasm, that everyone the app is going to download and will slow down. To make yourself aware of the expenditure that your weekly does, to realize that you are actually pretty good without those extra can. We want as many as possible vulnerable children in the country and abroad to support and help all the little bits already.”

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