John the Mol pursues CELEBRITIES to in Quote 500

The Mols power went according to Quote with more than 100 million euro up. Other well-known names on the list are, among others, Joop van den Ende (1.6 billion) at the place of fourteen, and tv producer Reinout Oerlemans on the 241 with an estimated capacity of 170 million euros. Dj Tiësto boerde also well last year, and could Quote 20 million credit, and therefore on a total of 140 million, in place 294.

New to the list is princess Mabel at number 149. The wife of the in 2013 death of prince Friso benefited from the ipo of payment provider Adyen and now has a rated power of 240 million euros. The family Of Orange-Nassau, take an eleventh place on the list of wealthiest Dutch families, with a capacity of 1 billion euro.

The richest Dutchman is again Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken, daughter of the deceased brewer Freddy Heineken. They state with 12.8 billion euro proudly at the top in the latest Quote 500.

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