Jochem Myjer does a ’Ponticorvootje’ in the Coen and Sander

310ef1557b462ec717505a22063f0fd0 - Jochem Myjer does a ’Ponticorvootje’ in the Coen and Sander

Jochem Myjer

Responds Jochem angry: “too bad this guys, this I find unfortunate boys. This is from 1997, we are in 2018! Then I am with so much gift, positive things, are you going to such a moment from 1997 tackle, come on now. Really sorry guys. Continue to you a little bit in the past. I can’t laugh.”

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Banging fight on 538: “I can’t be there to laugh!’

As with Laura Ponticorvo a week ago, respond to the radio dj’s also agitated. “I think you are a very weird responding, Jochem.” The two break the connection, but still decide just to call back for security. And yes, the comedian laughed. “Hahahaa, whoehoei, hey men, are you all right?”

And then they discuss the new children’s book, The Gorgels and the secret of the glacier by Jochem in his well-known series of children’s books the Gorgels.

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