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H how Halvening to M as Myetherwallet – the crypto-ABC part 4



The →Bitcoin →block reward is halved every 4 years, which leads to declining Inflation. This Event is referred to as “The Halvening”. The time until the next Halvening can be viewed here.


Hardcap usually referred to the maximum number of Coins, which created a →ICO/sell. If an ICO project has reached its Hardcap it will sell no more tokens. Sometimes Hardcap also referred to the maximum number of Coins that can ever be in circulation. The Hardcap for →Bitcoin at around 21 million BTC, for example.


A Hardfork is a →Fork, in which not all Nodes accept the new Software and some of the Nodes are still using the old Software. A Hardfork creates a “new” active network, the old network may remain active, however, with the new network is no longer compatible. As a result, a new Coin is created effectively. Known Hardforks Bitcoin Cash (→Bitcoin), and →Ethereum (Ethereum Classic).

Hardware Wallet

A Hardware Wallet is an electronic device which can generate offline →Private Keys and save. This method of storage is one of the Safest. Only the use of a →paper wallets can be regarded as safer. But Hardware wallets are much lighter. Therefore, they can be in contrast to paper wallets in everyday use. Paper wallets are more suitable only for →cold storage. The two most popular Hardware Wallets are the Trezor and Ledger Nano S. in Addition, for example, there are still Keepkey and cool wallet S.


A hash function is a mathematical function, which can be solved in a direction of easy, in the other direction, but (so far) is not (analytically) can be solved. This property of a hash function is used by →Bitcoin and other →Proof of Work Coins, to create a kind of Blockchain lottery for the publication of a valid block. The number of Hashes you can calculate per second is called the Hashrate.


The price is at a (local) Maximum.


A typo of the word “hold”, which means to retain a Coin (to sell). This typo arose in the following →bitcoin talk thread, where a Drunken man shared his investment strategy with the world. The word HODL is now a Meme in the crypto scene.


A Wallet, which is easy to use. Hotwallets is suitable for everyday use. The →Private Keys are not separated permanently from the Internet.


Huobi is one of the largest Krytobörsen.



Short for Initial Coin Offering. This is the crypto currency equivalent to a →IPO. Instead of shares you will receive in the ICO Coins.

Institutional Money

Thus, the money is referred to industrial investors (= investment funds, big banks, other large enterprises).


The ability to manage certain functions via various →block chains across the run.


IOTA a →a crypto-currency, which would like to penetrate the market “Internet of things”. IOTA uses no →Blockchain, but a →Tangle.

Iron Hands

In English: “Iron hands” = A Person who is not sold even if a Coin falls in value, these.


Short for Initial Public Offering. It is the stock exchange is equivalent to a →ICO. In the case of an IPO, you will get no Coins but shares in the company. IPOs are heavily regulated and only a few persons to have enough financial resources as an Investor in an IPO participate.


John McAfee

John McAfee, is one of the largest known →Shills. His Investment Tips are, therefore, highly questionable.



A consensus is reached when all (or most) parties will agree on what is the current valid state of the transaction order. Consensus is the Name is also one of the largest annual crypto conference.


Kraken is a cryptocurrency exchange which allows the trading of crypto with →Fiat.


→Stock exchange


Crypto(currency) is a collective term for each project, which uses →Coins →Token and to secure the network, the cryptography supported.



To buy a Lambo(rghini), after you have been through crypto rich “Meme is a target” of each of the investors. Instead of asking, when the price of one currency is rising again, so often asked jokingly, “what time is Lambo?”.

Ledger (Wallet)

Ledger is the Name of the manufacturer of the →hardware wallets “Ledger Nano S”, you can buy it here.

Lightning Network

The Lightning Network is a →off the chain →scaling solution of →Bitcoin.


=Liquidity. The liquid(liquid) a market is, the less effect on the price will have a purchase or sale. A high trade→volume, usually leads also to a high degree of liquidity.


If a Position is “long”, then you can make a good Profit if the price rises.


The price is at a relative Low.



Projects that decide to start as a →tokens on other block chains and often at a later time on a separate Blockchain to migrate. These Blockchains are mostly developed from scratch and often is first created, a →Testnet network to check the functionality of the network. After the Testnet has proven is started for the Mainnet (main network).

Market capitalization

Coinmarketcap (Coin-Market capitalization) multiply the current price by the number of all tokens.


The master nodes are a special type of →Full nodes. You usually have more functions than a normal Full Node. Master nodes often receive block rewards, or Fees. However, you have to master in order to meet a Masternode operate in certain conditions. Not every crypto-currency has the master nodes.


Short for Memory Pool. In the end, the Mempool is a list of all (→Bitcoin) transactions that have been sent in the network, however, in no Block.

Merkle Tree

A Merkle Tree (Hash tree) is a concept from computer science, which is used in (some) crypto-currencies application. The root (the value of the tree or Graph spreading) is also called the Merkle-Root, or Top-Hash.


Metamask is a browser extension, which can serve as a →Ethereum →Wallet. Metamask also makes it easier within the browser to interact with the →Smart Contracts.

Mining (Pool)

Mining refers to the finding of a correct solution of the →Hash(function) in a →POW network. People who actively participate to guess an accepted solution to the hash function is referred to as a Miner. A Miner is successful, he may publish a valid →Block. For this, he (or she) receives in compensation, the →the transaction fee and the miner reward (A certain number of newly created Coins). In principle, anyone can become a →Miner, however, it is not worthwhile for most people financially. In →POW currencies, the Mining secures the network from attacks. A Mining Pool is a collection of miners working together and the wage share.

Mining fee

→ Transaction fee


A Coin, the spread of the →Mining and/or secured.


Monero is a cryptocurrency is which it allows anonymous transactions.


“When The Moon” (The Moon?) – the question asks how long you have to be Investment →hodlen must can buy up to one →Lambos.


A multi-signature →Wallet requires more than one →Private key outbound →send transactions/sign.


…the Name of a very popular Website, which is a simple interface to the Ethereum Blockchain. You can easily create online its own Private Key and the site as a Wallet. Also →ERC20 token are supported by myetherwallet. Myetherwallet is one of the most popular →Ethereum wallets.

All other terms (A-Z) can be found here

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