Film Review: ’Girl’✭✭✭✭

Both director Lukas Dhont as its young protagonist, Victor Pad with Girl and a very strong debut feature. Their delicate, unadorned drama revolves around a battle to two fronts. Al is the opposition, perhaps from another angle than expected.

Lara’s own environment has been long accepted as a girl. Certainly her single father (Arieh Worthalter). He is just so full of love and understanding as the father figure in the thematic related Call me by your name (2017). But the stress to as a ballerina to succeed and the long route to its final sekseverandering should lead, appear to be for the titelpersonage an emotional and physical war of attrition.

Girl gets the undertones of a psychological thriller by the question of whether Lara all that weight on her fragile shoulders can bear.

Although determined, she is also vulnerable. Victor Pad makes a deep impression, and know – in addition to the special dansprestaties that he provides, as well as diverse feelings completely credible.

That Pad is the role played when he himself was only 15 and still no actingskills had, that also means an impressive performance of his young director. Because who knew his protagonist indeed so far as to bring.

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