Famous anti-corruptierechter is minister of Justice of Brazil

Sergio Moro, the judge who is the Brazilian ex-president Lula Da Silva behind bars, is a minister in the government of his opponent, the populist Jair Bolsonaro.

Moro, the most famous anticorruptierechter of Brazil, is the new minister of Justice. He has the proposal of the newly elected president Bolsonaro accepted, in a Thursday distributed communication.

The right-populist Bolsonaro had Monday already made it clear that he Moro as minister of Justice wanted to appoint. Thursday morning came, the two together in Rio de Janeiro to the proposal to discuss. “At the end of a meeting where we have discussed the policy at the ministry, I accepted the invitation,” says the corruptieonderzoeker.

Car wash

Moro is the magistrate momentum put behind the research on the ‘Lava Jato’ (car wash), the largest corruption scandal in Latin America. It is as a result of that corruptiezaak that ex-president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in the first instance to an imprisonment was condemned.

By his condemnation could the instead Da Silva has no candidate in the presidential election in October. According to the polls, he was nevertheless the most popular ones. Under Da Silva’s policies, it went well with the Brazilian economy, but his Administration suffered from corruption scandals. Da Silva’s replacement for the elections, Fernando Haddad, was no match for Bolsonaro.

Against corruption, for torture

Bolsonaro built his campaign around the fight against corruption and against criminal violence, that he, with their degrees of violence seeks to address. The ex-soldier is also for torture and against human rights and is known for its misogyne, homophobic and racist statements. To these statements he was during the campaign prosecuted, but not convicted.

When Sergio Moro at the beginning of the operation Lava jato was interviewed by the Brazilian newspaper Estado he denied that he was ever in politics would go. “No, never. Never. I am a man of Justice and, with all respect, not of politics.’

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