Fabrizio addicted to drugs

Fabrizio addicted to drugs

Fabrizio of Temptation Island, we see currently shine in Dancing With The Stars, and also his relationship with Pommeline expires on wheels, but Fabrizio from a dark period… Not so long ago, he was addicted to drugs and he was all the way to the ground…

Fabrizio was once a brave guy with good points, but when he began to adolescence it went wrong. Thoroughly error. However it started all innocent with a cigarette. In TV Family says Fabrizio his story… “I began to smoke, I went to school and hung around the streets, I had to sneak tattoos. And I kicked off, unfortunately, fall into the trap of drugs…” Fabrizio wanted to be with the tough guys, but that led only to a heavy drug addiction. “I used every day drugs. And therefore, I can’t even remember…” Fabrizio was deep, very deep.

Fabrizio transformed in a short time a brave boy to a graatmagere guy without a purpose in life. In addition, he got debts to wrong people. “At a certain point, I was mentally and physically as well as financially to the ground. I was all the way in,” admits Fabrizio. As his brother Stefano there had not been… Stefano is the youngest brother of Fabrizio, and I was only aware of how deeply Fabrizio sat. It was thanks to the financial assistance of Stefano that Fabrizio debts could repay. “Otherwise, I had very serious problems with certain heavy guys…” said Fabrizio.

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