Ex Sylvie Meis gives consent

Guillaume let on Instagram: “Today it’s about you and me. Rehearsing is not necessary. I have my whole life you waited for. I am happy and feel I am a blessed man, and soon a happy husband.”

Guillaume and Sylvie were about four months along. After they had found each other, attracted the wealthy businessman the cesspool open about his ex. He told that Sylvie is nowhere to be interested, he called her a disaster in the kitchen, and let he know that she couldn’t do anything without her assistant. Also annoyed he is immensely to Sylvie when she during an opera fell asleep. The small diva had said it was shocked by his statements.

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A few years later it was Sylvies former BFF Touriya Haoud with Guillaume spotted. She said at the time: “No one tries to revenge to take on Sylvie, I wish her all the love in the world.”

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