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Eupen in stoppage time over Cercle Brugge

A boring poster, it was still a pretty kijkstuk to the Cantons. Because both Nardi as Van Crombrugghe good keepers are kept long 0-0, but the added gave a completely different turn. Who else but Luis Garcia showed once again how it was supposed to and broke earned the ban. Fall followed his example, so that it is still 2-0. 6 on 6 for Eupen and road degradatiespook. If the Club Saturday, don’t win of Mouscron, it would be in Bruges may appear.

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Cercle Brugge

They thought in the eastern Cantons, of course, Anderlecht a second time would come this week. An hour and a half before kick-off were still a long line of armored police vehicles vehicles along the Kehrweg.

Strange, because a lot of hooligans counts Cercle. The management of green-black and had buses paid, so the green-and-black fans a little something extra in your pocket for drinks and food. It may today cost at Cercle since AS Monaco, the Association took over. For the players, and the extensive staff booked for one even two nights in a row, a hotel in the High Fens. It is also an important week for the Team, because against teams of the battle of Eupen and Saturday Mouscron must be the conservation force. Coach Laurent Guyot has their own method for. To the chagrin of the fans that all this stuff about conservation and education but not find anything. That Guyot weekly crew change also causes irritation but with an average of just over 1 point per match is Guyot perfectly on schedule. Tonight in Eupen, he sent Cardona on the bank, Tormin and The Belder could start, Taravel returned from suspension and the experienced Omar got back in the preference on the young Etienne. In Eupen, they found themselves again after a difficult start with, as an apotheosis, the victory last Sunday against Anderlecht. One of those heroes, the young revelation Bushiri, was due to suspension not on the appointment in that lofty Kehfwegstadium where, unfortunately, always more empty than occupied seats.

Respect already for the few 100 fans of the Club who are on their Halloween, they made it, but Hallogreen, more than six hours on a subsidised bus were 90 minutes long, and sang and danced. Not fun because the game of green-black made no one happy. Van Crombrugghe saw a ball of Tormin pass but could without trouble of the perfect turf to pick it up. Paul Nardi had that luxury. First time he saw Fall in front of his nose popping up but that threw incomprehensible and Nardi came between when Lazare the space in the back well used.

Toyokowa scored. With the head still, a gift from his countryman Ueda, with whom he at the same Japanese college, but the goal was rightly disallowed for offside.

Strong keepers

The thought that this once in a match would be on 0-0 to finish, took more and more the upper hand. Although the Club just like last Saturday against Kortrijk directly after the break up was The header of The Belder even looked within to go but Crombrugghe took off with a huge reflex. Not even five minutes later, he saved the foot, the second attempt of The Belder.

A paper-rather dull poster was even be quite enjoyable to follow. You saw Taravel still a clever attack on the line afblokken and as good old Garcia a vrijschop should take, you go spontaneously, right there, but Molina stepped over instead of on the ball.

That 0-0 after an hour still on the board was also to Paul Nardi to thank. In Monaco struggle they already have weeks with the goalies and Neither can they but better the fingers crosses that she Nardi will not take back to the problems in the Principality to solve. How the French goalkeeper is still the header of Marreh harmless was craftsmanship where they even at Club Brugge jealous would be.

With Pollet and Ocansey (Eupen), and Cardona and Hazard (Cercle) threw the trainers new offensive blood in the fight. But it was the keepers that the law dictated. Van Crombrugghe showed once again why Ajax ever ogled at him. He took everything from his body to a low and precise shot of Tormin out of his corner.

So it remained, of course, 0-0, beat the fatigue and it allowed a lot of guys no longer walk. Cercle had more problems than Eupen but no Panda was there currency move. But that is without the inevitable captain Luis Garcia is included. The added time was just entering when the draaibal of the Spanjaar through Taravel still in goal devieerde. Everybody is entitled to the Kehrweg and suddenly she knew quite how it had to be for Fall made with the help of Ueda still 2-0.

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