Editor-in-chief away after rant about vegans

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LONDON – The editor-in-chief of a British culinary magazine is left after he vegans had ridiculed. William Sitwell of supermarktblad Waitrose Food Magazine had, according to British media suggested to write about killing vegans, people who are not animal products consume.

William Sitwell (left) is left after he vegans had ridiculed.

Sitwell made the challenged decision in an e-mail to a journalist, who had presented with a series about the vegan kitchen. “What do you think of a series about killing vegans, one for one”, said the editor-in-chief. “Ways to fall into the trap to lure the? To interrogate? Their hypocrisy to expose? To force them to steak to eat and to drink red wine?”

The journalist, a freelancer, Selene Nelson, responded shocked. She told BuzzFeed never seen such a response to have had on her work. Sitwell offered his apologies, but the damage had already been done. He suggested that there was funny referred to comments in a privémail.


Sitwell is a well-known face in the British culinary community. He was a member of the jury was in the series of Masterchef.

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