Despite the climate crisis is more and more petroleum is pumped

While the dangerous effects of climate change become clearer, continue to oil producing countries, more oil is pumped.

The countries connected with oliekartel Opec the oil production in October substantially increased. Especially Saudi Arabia and Libya pumped significantly more oil on it. This happened shortly before the new sanctions against Iran in force. The oil prices went up after the estimate went out, and down firmly.

The Opec members pumped for the past month daily average 33,33 million barrels of oil. That meant an average increase of 430.000 barrels of oil per day. With that came the production of the cartel at the highest level since november of 2016, shortly before when it was decided the production, to curb the prices to struts.

Since last summer, the countries seem to be less inclined to restrict production. By the sanctions against Iran this weekend to enter, fearing the oil producers that there are shortages may arise even before the end of the year. Also, Russia is not a member of Opec but to the production constraints held, seems to be more oil to pump.

A 1.5 degree warmer

That the use of fossil fuels, such as oil, a major cause for the climate change working is fixed. The klimaatpanel of the United Nations (IPCC), described at the beginning of October was still in her annual report that the world without additional efforts between 2030 and 2052 average of 1.5 degree Celsius warmer than it was before the industrial revolution. That will lead to more extreme weather, rising sea levels, melting ice caps at the poles and large ecological and economic damage.

That the consequences of climate change may be constrained by, among others, less oil consumption, thereby less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, is well known. Still, the oil consumption increase around the world. That is clear from a statistical report that oil producer BP every year on the basis of data of companies and government authorities.

Since 2008, the year in which a credit crisis the world economy tricks played, is the oil production and consumption only increased. In 2017 were each day to 92.6 million barrels of oil produced. By the use of biodiesel, was the oil consumption with 98,2 million barrels per day even greater.

The largest oil producer by 2017, the United States, followed by Saudi Arabia and Russia. The largest consumers were the united states. The oil production is the last year in the U.S., slower grown than expected, but nevertheless it has grown. That is also expected for 2019.

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