Dead Saudi sisters to each other geduct-hry

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NEW YORK – police in New York investigates the mysterious death of two Saudi siblings. The mortal remains of the two were stranded last week on the banks of the Hudson river. Their bodies were with the faces turned to each other to each other taped.

In August were the 16-year-old Samoa and the 22-year-old Rotana Farea missing in their hometown of Fairfax, about 350 kilometres away in the state of Virginia. On 24 October they were on or near the bank of a river discovered.

’Call embassy’

Their mother has now declared that it is a day for the discovery of the bodies, a phone call had been from a officer of the embassy of Saudi Arabia in the US. It was the family instructed US to leave because the two daughters political asylum had requested.

Researchers have not yet been able to determine how the women around the life. “We do not know which offence has taken place, but it is certainly a terrible tragedy,” says one of the principal investigators of the New York Times.


The Saudi consulate in New York, declared a ’lawyer on the case to have put’ and the case carefully follow. The discovery of the ladies, and the story of an ominous call, after the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, a spicy moment.

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