British minister steps into ’after fight’

LONDON – The British minister of Sport, Tracey Crouch, has Thursday her resignation submitted. She walks according to the BBC, after a quarrel over the delay of her amendment to the law about the slot machines with a fixed payout ratio. It must bet the maximum to be reduced from 100 to 2 pounds to gambling addiction.

Minister Tracey Crouch (right) together with athlete Dominick Cunningham on 10 Downing Street.

Because that intervention has consequences for the state budget is decided, the new regulations until 1 October 2019 to enter instead of 1 april. The cabinet of prime-minister Theresa May more time measures to make up for the tax revenue to maintain.

According to the financial expert from the opposition party, Labour, Tom Watson, up to a total of 900 million pounds (over 1 billion). He praised the courage of Crouch its portfolio to make available due to the delay.

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