British angry to campagneposter Republican USA

SPRINGFIELD – A partijgenoot of the Us president, Donald Trump has the residents of a British seaside town against him in the harness hunted. Republican Nick Stella from Illinois used according to CNN, an image of the Uk-Jaywick Sands to a nightmarish future, to scribble on a poster.

The poster shows poorly maintained homes next to a road with holes and is supplied with all the caption ,,only you can prevent that this becomes a reality”. Also be readers called ,,president Trump to help America on the right path, to keep”.

Stella has the poster should not have made friends in the English village. According to a local director runs Stella behind the facts, and has in recent years invested millions in Jaywick Sands. ,,I know for sure that some of the residents are rightly outraged that the clay be removed.”

The campaign team of Republican, that a seat in Congress hopes to conquer, says that it was never the intention of the British for the head punches. Also would the name of the village is not mentioned. ,,It was for us an example of a place that is poorly controlled, something that we have in our district at all levels want to prevent.”

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