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Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP – rate analysis KW44 – The sideways trend under the magnifying glass

Apart from a relatively small slide, move in the prices of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP sluggish sideways. A long-term perspective, the forecasts have changed compared to last week. What is the Situation but under the magnifying glass?

Admittedly, on a daily chart level, the market is not exactly exciting. Some analysts suggest that the month should complete candle with a lower wick or a fuse, that is to say Halloween with over 6.380 US dollars find an end to it. But Hand on heart: At a current price of just over 6,300 US dollars this is a little alarmist.

So what can we about the courses say? In times of sideways movement, have a look at different time scales. For the prices of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP we discuss here:

Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple – rate analysis KW44 – when is the onset?

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Disclaimer: The presented on this page, rate estimates do not constitute buy or sell recommendations. They are merely an assessment of the analysts.

Images on the Basis of data from and at 11:41 PM on may 17. October created. USD/EUR exchange rate on the cut-off: 0,88 euros.

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The prices of Bitcoin, XRP, Ethereum & co. can be found here.

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