’Baby survives after father set her in the ravine throw

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Gaozhou – A Chinese man has been arrested because he put his newborn daughter in a ravine has been pushed. The girl survived wonderfully, after twelve hours in the branches of a tree hung.

The man took the girl from a hospital, six hours after her birth, put the baby in a nylon bag and throw her of a mountain, report Chinese media. She was rescued by firefighters, after the police received a call from concerned hospital staff.

The rescue team heard the baby crying and could her locate, thirty feet below the cliff. The branches of the trees have saved her with a ’soft’ landing. On the video on social media is to see how a nurse the baby was out of the bag, and takes care of.

The man has known. He declared actually to have a son had been hoped for. In China, girls are years unwanted, because people have only one child could get and boys are economically more able to contribute to the family. There were years and years of distressing cases. This man, one Li, already has two daughters and a son, but declared in an economically precarious situation to sit and ’desperate’ to have been.

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