After a plane crash wants to Indonesia, airline tickets more expensive

After the crash of a passenger plane of the low-cost airline Lion Air is considering the Indonesian minister of Transport, plane tickets are more expensive to make, so that airlines have more money to spend on security.

Indonesia is considering a minimum price for airline tickets out, which low cost airlines more expensive, rates would have to adhere. The Indonesian minister of Transport, Budi Karya Sumadi, let in addition to know that president Either Widodo all safety rules for the aviation industry wants to revise.

The decision comes after Monday, a passenger plane of the low-cost airline, Lion Air has crashed, with 189 deaths. Sumadi said Thursday at a press conference that better security measures, the crash could have prevented.

It is not the first time that Indonesia announces he wants to fly more expensive and therefore safer. That also happened after an earlier plane crash. Indonesia is a strong growth market for aviation.


In the program The morning on Radio 1 let luchtvaartexpert Luk The Wanted to know that he more expensive minimum rates not a good measure. “Every euro invested in safety is good for aviation and for everyone. But I find it a bit premature and rather short-sighted to say that a floor price must be set. I also wonder whether it can legally. It is a free market and a privémaatschappij.’

The Wild is that the Indonesian government better a vliegtaks can lift and use the proceeds for a better monitoring of the safety of aviation.

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