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Aerts tames Koppenberg, Van Aert put trust and Van der Poel shows that he’s human

Toon Aerts for Michael Vanthourenhout and Wout van Aert. Who, this afternoon, this stage had been foretold, was, without a doubt, crazy. But on the victory of the Rijkevorselnaar fell nothing off things. He is also the first leader in the DVV Trophy.

Aerts rode the perfect race. Fast to start, a little gas is reversed in the diaphragm than in the final mercilessly strike. The rider of Telenet-Fidea had the victory certainly not be stolen and enjoyed than with the fullest. “Usually you realize a few hours later that you’ve won but now I knew it during the race though. It was enjoy in full effort.”

The Kempenaar, laid the foundation of his victory during the ascent of the Koppenberg. No one drove faster the dreaded uphill slope than he. “I drove every lap rather full up with the intention of the rest to crack. Michael solved the time wisely by a hole to let but not to crack. So he could in the descent, always returning.”

So also in the last round, in contrast to Wout van Aert who have a gap had to let go. Aerts: “Then was the case with Michael to the foot of the final climb to go and then full by pulling. I was pretty sure of my case.”

The ranking of Aerts starts to really thicken. “When I was at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS won, I thought that the most beautiful was. At the beginning of this season, I won two world cups and I found that again the supreme. But this exceeds everything. This is still the classic of classics, Mathieu was also there. How big is the difference? Four minutes, which is nice. I am now in all classifications of the first or second. Choosing is difficult, I’m just going every weekend to do my best.”

The success story of Aerts began two years ago when he surprisingly, the EK won. Sunday in Rosmalen a second time? Aerts: “I’m going to do everything to get back very close to his. Michael and Wout are also in order. Maybe we should have a good meet and then wins there, possibly a Belgian.

Vanthourenhout satisfied

Was the victory of Aerts a little surprise, was the second place of Michael Vanthourenhout a big surprise. But also the West-Flemish had been the result not stolen. “It was difficult, but fortunately the riders are asked. On the steepest part of the climb went a bit too fast for me. Aerts and Van Aert went over time, but it fell into the descent always quiet so I was able to return. That took strength and that I missed in the race. I second word, was beautiful. Wout drove me over but on the less steep part of the climb, I still found the strength to pass it.

Van Aert put trust

And then Matthieu van der Poel is an offday and then bounce yourself to two superior opponents. That was the story of world champion Wout van Aert. Yet he was not dissatisfied. “I had a good feeling and I was happy that I rate could make”, she said. “I believed in the victory, but on the climb could Show a tad bigger drive. I stayed for a very long time to compensate but in the last round, I sat on the rekker. In the descent, I was also not full tray drive because I still had something left for the final climb. Oh, I was just the third best in the race.”

Van Aert also saw the positive side of his game. “Of the three men on the stage, I am the heaviest built and that on this track the difference. This must me so and trust for flat courses, such as Sunday in Rosmalen. The ambition is to win, just like today. That ambition I may have. Mathieu has shown today that he’s only human. So look for a good European championship. Finally exciting? Who the cross after today boring, knows nothing of it. And Mathieu beat, I’m really not concerned with that. Each opponent is for me a worthy competitor. That Mathieu at the front was, since I have no barrel on. He will be there in the coming weeks often enough.”

Quickly forgotten

It is my mountain”, was Mathieu van der Poel are opdoffer yet to be put into perspective. “This was a déjà vue of two years back. No it was not fun today. A statement I have not. I felt it in the start up already. On a trail like this is an hour long drive around.”

The love for the Rain is rather minimal. “It’s not my favorite wrap but last year I proved that I could win. But it did not, this is a day to forget quickly. Or I to the difference have been looking. Well, it is a ranking on time. By continuing to drive I still have some seconds to spare. No, I had not expected but it can happen to anyone. On to Sunday and the european CHAMPIONSHIPS. I want that sweater is pretty maintain, but I didn’t peak. It will Sunday be better, because worse than today really can’t (laughs).”

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