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Zcash: Update on the Sapling provides a significant improvement in the Performance

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The ZCash-the Company announced in a press release the successful Launch of the “Sapling-log”. Thus, the company wants to improve the usability of the Privacy Coins ZCash (ZEC) and the enlargement of the network trigger.

ZCash reported execution in terms of Sapling-Upgrade. After years of development, the ZCash Company disseminated via Twitter last Monday, the 29. October 2018, the message about the successful Launch of the Sapling Network:

With the Sapling-network Upgrade goes to the Start, which should bring in the first line of technical improvements for the “Shielded Addresses” of ZEC. According to a press release, the Update makes for a lower transaction speed while memory optimization:

“Sapling introduces new ‘Shielded Addresses’ with significantly improved Performance: a time savings of 90 percent when creating transactions, and a memory reduction of over 97 percent.”

ZCashs “Shielded Addresses” represent the core of the Engine, with the user transactions can obscure. For a long time, the System was considered to be portly and slow. This prevented the full distribution of the potential and status of a wide adaptation in the way.

Among the innovations of Sapling the Smartphone Integration of the ZEC, as well as a significantly improved Wallet Performance in addition to the increased speed. The opening of the new ZEC addresses should also be within a matter of seconds to complete.

Smooth Introduction

Noteworthy is the (almost) friction is, however, lots of the introduction of the Upgrades. The ZCash Company was able to equip its own information, according to which all ZEC users immediately after the Upgrade with the new Sapling-wallet addresses.

Only the Transfer of ZEC balance of the old “Legacy Shielded Addresses” on the new Sapling-enabled addresses is difficult. The press release, according to User need to give their Wallet balance price. This is of course in stark contradiction to the claim of a Privacy Coins.

According to reports, the company is working behind ZCash but is already working on a solution and recommends that, until then, no Transfers from Legacy to Sapling.

The introduction of Sapling is exactly the second birthday of the ZEC is to be interpreted as a small gift to the Community. If the Update the numbers of users but in fact, the Privacy Coins can raise in new spheres, it remains to be seen.

Nevertheless: Happy Birthday, ZCash!

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