Van den Brom: ’No second busy departure’

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John van den Brom (r.) experiencing a difficult season with AZ.

The 52-year-old head coach is this months the bitten dog among the supporters. They ask questions via social media en masse to his departure, now AZ after ten league games, twelve points and prematurely switched off in the Europa League. Opportunism or understandable criticism? “I don’t get it”, says Van den Brom.

“I also see rather a very beautiful game. In this regard we have to the public the last few years spoiled. That sparkling game they want each week. Only that is not now the reality-and then let them prove it. You can argue whether that is the way to get the boys to help. And know that the disappointment for us is just as big.”

It is also a little exaggerated to blame Van den Brom to put down. Central back, he has precious little quality at his disposal. The same applies for the point of the attack. Add to this that players like Guus Lift and Fredrik Midtjsø, last season, the load-bearing forces, not in great shape now. Nevertheless, the trainer of AZ, his team is not over for the thuisduel with VVV-Venlo.

“I’m not someone that suddenly everything is going to shuffle and a tombola. Then I can better go to the casino go and I didn’t. If you have confidence in your players, you can also send a signal through it right now in they to speak. Maybe we will do an adjustment to do, but in the big picture is not much changed.”

Van den Brom, refers to a judgment of Earnie Stewart, who for Max Huiberts was employed as technical director at AZ. “If we won, he said, sometimes: as well as the result of the game was not. And if we lost: as bad as the result was the game.”

He continues: “of Course we played last weekend against SC Heerenveen (2-3) is not great. But just as against FC Utrecht (2-1), we came up on a quick lead and we got really great opportunities to push through. If you are successful, you sit here in a very different way to talk. We builds on the good things. And then we go against VVV full bake on the hunt for that turnaround.”

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