Van Bommel furious: ’It is a disgrace’

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Mark van Bommel

The champion went with a glorified B-team painful decline. It is a shame that we do not continue”, he gave to FOX Sports.

,,I had thought that my players there were. But in this match they were not good enough. Here is no excuse for it, whether they play this season, not as often and not with each other. But at home, you may not of RKC losses. We are all better, at all positions, but the execution was very poor.”

Van Bommel was not that he was a wrong arrangement had been made. ,,No, this was not a guess. I simply had more of these players expected. I have no explanation for this.”

Colleague Fred Grim shared a great compliment to the team. ,,After that very quick openingsgoal of PSV they continued to believe in it. We continued to play football and could even have the initiative in hands. We have made full use of the altered set-up at PSV. We knew in advance that we had a chance and that we have with both hands caught.”

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