UEFA fear of unsafe situation during the Spurs – PSV

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Wembley Stadium, London

,,The UEFA does, along with the club and the management of the stadium to ensure safe conditions on the way to the next game in the Champions League, the European football association know. The Spurs lost last Monday, Manchester City (0-1). The winning trainer Pep Guardiola of the visitors complained after extensively around the playing field.

The grass of Wembley had visible hard by the duel on Sunday between the Philadelphia Eagles and Jacksonville Jaguars, two teams from the American football. The grass was full of potholes and bumps and the confines of the American footballveld were barely cleared. Tottenham still playing in Wembley because the construction of a new stadium has been delayed. The board of directors of Wembley did not know better than the Spurs’s new home from August in use would take. Therefore, there are contracts with other sports ended.

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