Tis anywhere does not know Luk Alloo

93c1cf79578841ce26cdcb79c835aa2b - Tis anywhere does not know Luk Alloo

“Tis everywhere iet”, that will Luk Alloo Thursday to hear in a new episode of Alloo by the Police, the series of that last week 873.000 viewers (Live+4) and 41.4% madl at VVA 18-54 took. The man who Luk meet, has just his wife lost, she was only 52. He tells his story to Luk while his vehicle is controlled.

And everyone talks freely. Also the men who are just parking in a spot reserved for the disabled. Just for a minute. But that short inspiration provides a fine of 116 euros. A Dutchman with his truck, another truck caught up to where that should not, come cheap. “But,” 58 euro. He pays without taking.

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