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This chilling horror will deliver you tonight nightmares

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No Halloween without horror movies. Also on the television to pass through Wednesday night so a lot of serial killers, poltergeists , and exorcists.

1 Annabelle

Six, 20: 35 hours

TV-premiere of the American horror film 2014 which includes a few terrifying, supernatural events first hand with an old doll soon after satanic cultists have their house hacked.

2 Halloween III: Season of the Witch

Six, 22.20 hours

Horror from the beginning of the eighties. Doctor Daniel Challis discovers that a manufacturer of halloweenmaskers behind a conspiracy is that halloween is more dangerous than ever’. A storyline so thin that it is sometimes hilarious, but alas, there are mutilated, heads torn off, while the blood around with a syringe, and that’s what it’s all about.

3 Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Q2, 20u35

Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States, discovers that vampires are planning to the United States to take over. He makes it his personal mission with the vampires to eradicate. (That could, however, not prevent that today there are still a leech in the White House.)

4. Blair Witch

Q2, 22u35

Limp sequel to the brilliant The Blair Witch Project from 1999. The brother of Heather, the main character from the original film, discovered at a day on the internet a video in which he made his sister think to recognize. He decides with his friends to the woods to pull to unravel the mystery. Two local residents are assisting the group in order not to get lost. Of course it goes wrong, or what had you thought?

5. Welp

CAZ, 20u40

Belgian horror! The twelve-year-old Sam builds, together with his scoutsgroep a camp in the Ardennes. Soon the smell of Sam, of danger. In the forest, he discovers a mysterious tree house and he comes face to face with a masked, wild child.

6. Dracula

CAZ, 22u10

The version from 1979, directed by John Badham. The blood-thirsty Count Dracula in England, seeking an immortal bride. There he also meets the daughter of doctor John Seward. He tries to seduce her, but vampire hunter Van Helsing to kill the vampire.

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