Supreme court of Pakistan speaks death row christian free

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The Supreme court in Pakistan on Wednesday, a woman acquitted, in 2010, was condemned to death for blasphemy. It comes to the christian Asia Bibi.

‘She is found not guilty for each indictment’, says judge Saqib Nisar. The judge ordered her immediate release.

Asia Bibi, a mother of five children, was a few years ago the death penalty after a discussion on a glass of water on a farm, where she the prophet Muhammad would have offended. The woman always has her innocence to stand.

Its condemnation was also internationally a lot of resonance. The previous and current pope spoke of their hatred. One of her children had a meeting with pope Francis.

Now, however, feared that her release, to protest will result in radical islamic environments. There is, after all, have long insisted on the execution of Bibi. There were the past few weeks even though threats leveled against the judges in the case.

There are Wednesday then also strict security measures taken in the Pakistani capital city of Islamabad, with road closures and extra police surveillance in the districts where the magistrates and diplomats live.

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