Student dies during “mingle”, family sues university to

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Bridgeport – The family of a female student who suffocated during a contest, pancake eating, suing her university. The large amount of food that got stuck in her throat, eventually led to Caitlins death. Her mother hopes, through this step, others warn.

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The 20-year-old Caitlin Nelson died in march 2017, reports Metro UK. They did at that time to “mingle” at the Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut. Although police and ambulancebroeders within a few minutes were on the spot, they could do more for the student. The pancakes had her mouth formed into a thick, betonachtige pasta. Because of this, the victim could no longer breathe, and died of her brain due to lack of oxygen.

Caitlin Nelson

From the autopsy it appeared that Caitlin finally gestoven to suffocation by a piece of food, her airways blocked.

’Thinking can save lives’

According to the lawyer of mother Roseanne Nelson are the eetwedstrijden much more dangerous than people realize. “It is crucial that educational institutions in particular understand that certain foods are safer than others. A little thought therefore can literally save lives.”

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