Still acquittal for kicking camera woman

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BUDAPEST – The Hungarian camera woman in the border area with Serbia to refugees kicked, is acquitted by the supreme court. Images of the incident were, at the time, the world over. A court sentenced the woman, later, to a suspended sentence for disturbing the public order.

The incident took place in 2015, when camera woman Petra Laszlo was filming in the border region. There were migrants by a politiekordon broken. On the images to see how her leg reached out to a man with a child to stumble. Also kicked Laszlo a girl. The camera woman offered later to apologize and said out of fear have acted.

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The supreme court has the conviction of Laszlo now destroyed, a message, a Hungarian news site. According to the court, the woman was to be severely punished. They had, according to the court, prosecution must be for a violation, not a crime. The woman can’t be re-prosecuted because the matter is now statute-barred.

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