Six years of imprisonment threatens to Neymar

4f2d0982cdd013c3dbcc3f55f93d7170 - Six years of imprisonment threatens to Neymar

The judge in the case would deal with the lingering affair pushed to the full bench criminal division. This is suddenly a prison sentence of up to six years possible for Neymar. The Spanish justice has a message in the Catalan newspaper La Vanguardia about confirmed.

The fraud relates to the transfer of Neymar in 2013 from Brazilian club Santos to FC Barcelona. In that deal would be the Spanish treasury a lot of money lost. A Brazilian investment group, which is 40 percent owned by the sports rights of the footballer, made the case and claimed that there is only money is to be paid on the lump sum of 17.1 million euros, while the true lump sum of eur 83 million.

There was already a strafeis of 10 million euro fine and a jail term of two years. But before the case before the judge would come, there is still a good look into the allegations. Judge Jose Maria Vazquez has come to the conclusion that the offence is much heavier than previously assessed and that a three-judge panel of the multiple criminal bench trial must take over.

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