Sarah Jessica Parker: “No excuses for Kim Cattrall’

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Will Sarah find the rot that her alleged feud with Kim Cattrall “catfight” is called

Sarah Jessica Parker has “no apologies” for her former Sex and the City colleague, Kim Cattrall.

The actresses got last years mot after Sarah revealed that plans for a third Sex and the City movie were killed because of Kim’s reluctance to get back in the skin of Samantha Jones to crawl. The beginning of February, announced to Kim that her brother Chris was dead, and Sarah expressed via social media, her compassion. Also, she talked about the promotion of her show Divorce. Kim reacted furiously on Instagram: she said that Sarah support is not needed and blamed her for the tragedy to exploit to her ‘nice girl’image to emphasize.

Since then, much attention is paid to the feud, and the rumours were recently that Sarah Kim presents she had sent in an attempt to put the argument behind them.

Extra on Tuesday denied Sarah that they never sent, because she has no reason to apologize.

“I need no gifts to Kim to send because I never have done,” explained Sarah. “They found it necessary to have certain things to say – that’s the beauty of a democracy – but I don’t apologize because it is not a catfight.”

The 53-year-old actress also expressed her frustration about the alleged quarrel that a “catfight” is called.

“If someone even once says…I have no quarrel and I have never quarreled with Kim,” says SJP. “I remain grateful for her work and the role they played in front of and behind the camera gedruende all the years we were there.”

Sarah also said that they have no further talks were had about the possibility for a third Sex and the City movie – despite the fact that many fans called for the replacement of Kim in the role of Samantha.

“We went as far as we could last time and the studio said, ‘No, we can’t meet those requirements,'” she said. “We had all signed, except for Kim.”

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