Ronaldo puts out Selena Gomez over Instagram

787d086e45f0e51e8f6a71f248fd97ad - Ronaldo puts out Selena Gomez over Instagram

Selena Gomez is no longer the queen on Instagram. The 26-year-old singer has her crown give it to the Portuguese footballer. To say that makes her at least, not much.

Selena has long been a hate-hate relationship with the socialemediakanaal. They take regular ‘breaks’. On the 24th of september yesterday, she posted her latest update, in which they announced a break in the weld. “I am very grateful for the voice that social media me grant, but I am equally grateful to take a step back and get on with my life. To enjoy the moment.”

In contrast to the singer post Ronaldo very regularly on Instagram. His work, his personal life, his girlfriend… Everything is covered. The footballer was recently called into disrepute because of a verkrachtingszaak from 2009, but that hurt his popularity, apparently not. He currently has several tens of thousands of followers more than Gomez.

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