RKC-goalie sneers at PSV: ’itís your Own fault’

45d2e5d9eb6c7e70bc36bf1e584a3798 - RKC-goalie sneers at PSV: ’itís your Own fault’

Etienne Vaessen and Kevin Vermeulen celebrate

RKC goalkeeper Etienne Vaessen had no sympathy with PSV: “itís your Own fault”, he said to Omroep Brabant.

Vaessen, who is himself two times flashy blundered, don’t even understand that PSV the bekerduel in this way has tackled. “The coach said all week that we trust them. And then she disrespectful with a B-team on the come up.”

Van Bommel showed Dirk Abels and Matthias Verreth in the base, days. Compared to the competitieduel against FC Groningen there were anyway to eleven other players in. The RKC-the final item that PSV about itself has been called. “When we came to the arrangement heard, provided an extra motivation for us.”

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