River Plate first finalist Copa Libertadores

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River Plate celebrates the finals

The club from Buenos Aires won in the semi-finals, the away game at defending champions Gremio of Brazil with 2-1. Since River Plate’s home game with 1-0 had lost, had the winning goal in Porto Alegre, double.

Everything seemed to point to a new finaleplak for Gremio, after 36 minutes at 1-0 came through a goal from Leonardo. But River Plate refused to capitulate and continued to insist at the purpose of Gremio. Rafael Borre made in the 81e minute of the second half. The videoscheidsrechter played then a key role in injury time to intervene and River Plate a penalty kick to be awarded. Gonzalo Martinez lap tap from the penalty spot.

City rival Boca Juniors may be the opponent of River Plate in the final. Boca Juniors plays against Palmeiras and won at home with 2-0.

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