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Ripple News: New advertising, and XRP will send via text message

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Ripple News: New advertising, and XRP will send via text message

Home News Ripple News: New advertising and XRP via a text message send

Marcel Knobloch –

Ripple has yesterday unveiled a new advertising spot that shows the money could be brought with the help of an airplane to your destination faster than with a conventional Bank Transfer. Ripple does not want to make the banks Wake up to new innovations in the way to. Furthermore XRP Coins can now be sent via text message.

In a new promotional film Ripple takes all the banks in the world, because it is not arrived in it had to wait for several days to make a transaction at the destination. The short film shows that it is faster and easier is to pack the money in a plane, to give to the destination and deliver it. This is maybe not cheaper, but definitely faster than a cross-border credit Transfer over traditional Bank transfers.

More and more banks around the world, the different software drive solutions of Ripple, and many of the projects are still in the testing phase. Nevertheless, the dissemination and adaptation of XRP and the block chain technology is on the rise.

Meanwhile, a new platform for mobile phone users XRP allows you to send Coins instantly worldwide via a text message. It is irrelevant geweesen whether the recipient has in the past already been in contact with XRP. The platform ( also does not require any registration and it allows users XRP within seconds versendne in the world. The following Video shows the functioning of the project.

The project is developed by the independent XRP developer pointed wind, which indicates however at the present time, the fact that errors and faults can occur, because the platform is in a public Beta Phase.

The price of XRP is moving within the last 24h sideways and recorded a mini Kursrückang of – 0.58 percent to a price of EUR 0.39.

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