Right Suriname resume case terrorist suspects

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PARAMARIBO – The Surinamese court continued Wednesday with the case of the brothers, Raoul A. and Nasr I. They are suspected of involvement in terrorist activities in Suriname. The lawyers of the brothers get the opportunity to the agent that the police investigation has led to question.

The brothers, who in Paramaribo, an Islamic butcher’s shop beef, have the Dutch nationality. They’re already a year and three months in prison. Requests to them for the time being in freedom to set his up to now rejected.

From the police investigation during the recent sessions revealed that the brothers two people have helped to Syria to travel, to stand there with terrorist organisation Islamic State (IS) to connect. Several chats have revealed that the brothers clear sympathy for this organization. The two are also accused of preparing an attack on the U.s. embassy in Paramaribo.

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