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PSV in cup surprise by resembled

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In the Netherlands, Dutch champion PSV in the 1/16th finals of the KNVB Cup to be surprised by resembled RKC Waalwijk. PSV seemed on the way to a narrow victory, but swallowed in the 91st minute at the end of Darren Maatsen. That made the stunt completely by the extensions for the winning goal to draw.

In the Netherlands, had match organiser PSV to the tank in the 1/16th finals of the KNVB Cup against resembled Waalwijk, the netherlands. At the Eindhovenaars appeared the young talent Dante Rigo for the first time since his injury back on the kick-off. The 20-year-old Belgian attacker Matthias Verreth if a first time start for the first team. The visitors made Dylan Seys his debut, the Belgian midfielder Anas Tahiri was allowed in the 73rd minute raids.

After just 25 seconds was all touch for PSV via Eric Gutiérrez. On the half hour came the Waalwijkers helped by an assist from Seys alongside; 1-1 was the somewhat surprising stand-by. Only a quarter of an hour for time could PSV back in the lead after a blunder by the RKC goalkeeper. But the visitors were not won in injury time forced them extensions off with the 2-2, and in those extensions led a counter to the 2-3. That lead remained on the board, and the stunt was a fact.

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