PSV-executioner extatic: ’In row with Barcelona

b6038cd83c88920816f5d4c4c8b269ed - PSV-executioner extatic: ’In row with Barcelona

Darren Maatsen is the executioner of PSV.

He couldn’t believe his luck. “We have to leave yet, but nice PSV here lose. We are this season so far in a very nice row with Barcelona and Inter,” said the proud Maatsen on FOX Sports.

After the first tegengoal in the first minute I saw just the mood to hang for us, but we were fortunately not in the war. We kept the head and miraculously we have been saved also. This is a very beautiful evening for the RKC.”

Goalkeeper Etienne Vaessen, which was a mistake with the two PSV goals, could Maatsen after his double win or kissing. “‘You saved me’, he said to me,” beamed Maatsen.

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