Protest against Trump during a visit to Pittsburgh

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The American president Donald Trump has Tuesday, along with his wife Melania, a visit to Pittsburgh, where an anti-semitic gunman last weekend a massacre havoc in a synagogue. The arrival of Trump, however, was not warmly welcomed. Around 1,500 people gathered around the synagogue to protest against his coming.

The discontent is not unexpected. Previously had a group of jewish leaders from Pittsburgh there Trump in an open letter accused that he is the movement of white supremacists or white racists ‘courage’ was given. They were understood to mean that he is not welcome as long as he has a discourse does not match. The mayor of Pittsburgh had the president then called again to his visit.

In the shooting in the synagogue ‘Tree of Life’ came Saturday eleven persons to life, almost all of them aged over 60. The police allowed the perpetrator to pick up and identify. The man would have acted out of hatred.

Tuesday were three jewish victims buried. Trump visited the synagogue, but laid no representations. Melania laid white roses at a memorial for the dead. To television station Fox News had the president before his departure said that he with his coming, respect wanted to show. He would also have the wounded to visit. These include police officers in the attack were injured. According to the spokeswoman of the White House, the president ‘together mourn with the people in Pittsburgh.

‘Enemies of the people’

Also daughter Ivanka Trump, who has converted to judaism and her husband Jared Kushner were at the visit. To the synagogue were also the minister of Finance, Steve Mnuchin and the Israeli ambassador to the U.S., Ron Dermer, seen.

In the interview with Fox News took out Trump once again out to the media. Those who quarrel with him for his nationalism, he called ‘enemies of the people’. “I am proud of this country, and that’s what I call nationalism,” she said.

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