Price Kim Kardashian for impact beenmergdonatie

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Kim Kardashian

They received the award because she has helped a bone marrow donor to be found for the young father Adam Krief. “It is an honor to be the first Gift of Life Impact Award ever received”, said Kim at the ceremony. “I heard of the story of Adam via my best friend, Allison, whose son in his son’s classroom was. When I heard it, I knew that I wanted to do something.”

Adam Krief had an aggressive form of blood cancer and had a bone marrow transplant is needed. Despite twenty million registered donors across the world, matchte a with him. Kim Kardashian tweette its support for the Hope4Adam campaign, which in 2016 was established. Thus, it hired ten thousand additional bone marrow donors, including herself and her neighbors.

Despite the large increase in donors, could still not receive a donor for Adam to be found. He died, unfortunately. His widow, Lia presented the award to Kim.

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