Pompeo calls for end to war in Yemen

ce7b923af3f5b61a2c603abeb1436444 - Pompeo calls for end to war in Yemen

Mike Pompeo, the American minister of Foreign Affairs, has called for an end to hostilities in Yemen. The Us Defence secretary Jim Mattis, in turn, the start of peace negotiations.

In Yemen enter a coalition under the leadership of Saudi Arabia for several years air strikes on the Houthi rebels, who on their turn get the support of Iran. The conflict according to the UN, led to one of the greatest humanitarian disasters. But less than half of the Yemeni population is threatened by famine.

“It is now time to put an end to the hostilities, such as the missile and drone attacks from areas controlled by the Houthi’s (…) The air raids of the coalition on inhabited the area have stoppe,’ is heard in a communication of Pompeo.

Just before pleaded to his colleague of Defence, Jim Mattis, within thirty days of peace talks to start in Yemen. According to him, both Saudi Arabia and the Arab Emirates ready for. The Houthi rebels would, from the border with Saudi Arabia must withdraw, after which the bombing would have to stop. The warring parties may then, under the direction of UN-official, Martin Griffiths together in Sweden, it sounds.

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