PEC recognizes spacious uitzege on The County in the KNVB-cup (closed)

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  • PEC recognizes spacious uitzege on The County in the KNVB-cup (closed)

PEC recognizes spacious uitzege on The County in the KNVB-cup (closed)

30 October 2018 17:35
30-10-18 17:35
Latest update: an hour ago
Update: an hour ago

In the TOTO KNVB-cup are Tuesday the first matches in the second round on the program. PSV occurs already at 18.30 pm at home against RKC Waalwijk. Also include FC Twente, SC Cambuur and Roda JC, while at 20.45 hours The County and PEC Zwolle, opposite to each other. Follow everything in our liveblog.

Second round cup:

RKC surprised PSV

AFC-TOP Oss 1-0
Cossacks Boys-Almere City 2-1
FC Twente-Noordwijk 4-2
Cambuur-HFC 2-1
Urk, the netherlands-Roda JC 0-1
County-PEC 2-5KNVB cup · 12 minutes ago

We conclude the evening with the surprise of the day. RKC Waalwijk wins on a visit to PSV (2-3) and knikkert the Locals from the cup. The last time PSV in the cup at home, lost to a club from the First Division in 1977 (FC Wageningen).KNVB cup · 27 minutes ago

The second round of the cup is allowed to continue with this seven duels:

18.30 pm:
Heracles Almelo-Vitesse

Willem II-Spakenburg
FC Utrecht-ASWH
FC Emmen-ODIN’59
Green Star-sc Heerenveen

20.45 hours:
Ajax-Go Ahead EaglesKNVB-cup · 37 minutes ago

Zian Flemming: ,,A hattrick is very good, but that I had already in the rest. I wanted to continue for a while and luckily I scored another one.” #grapec #peczwolle


AuteurPEC ZwolleMoment of plaatsen22:44 – 30 October 2018KNVB-cup · one hour ago

🏆| These are the results of tonight in the second round of the #TOTOKNVBBeker 👇


AuteurKNVBMoment of plaatsen22:31 – October 30 2018KNVB-cup · one hour ago

Past! PEC Zwolle are booking a big win on The County, and reached the third round of the KNVB cup: 2-5. Zian Flemming scored four times for the visitors.KNVB cup · one hour geledenPSV-coach Mark van Bommel has made a mistake by not using his best eleven to start against RKC.

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KNVB cup · one hour ago

4 – @PECZwolle’s Zian Flemming is the first player to score four goals in a KNVB Cup game since Patrick Gerritsen for @excelsior31 in August 2015. Oddity.


AuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen22:15 – 30 October 2018KNVB-cup · one hour ago,71′ GOAL PEC Zwolle! 2-5

It is a doelpuntenfestijn at De Vijverberg. Flemming makes his fourth of the evening (!) and sign up for the 2-5.KNVB cup · 2 hours ago63′ GOAL The County! 2-4

The home team does not against PEC Zwolle. Erik Bakker makes the second of The County this evening.KNVB cup · 2 hours ago56′ GOAL PEC Zwolle! 1-4

The margin is three in favor of PEC Zwolle against The County. Mike van Duinen stings the ball inside.KNVB cup · 2 hours ago52′ GOAL The County! 1-3

Is it still tension in Doetinchem? Javier Bold put the home team on the scoreboard against PEC Zwolle.KNVB-cup · 2-hour geledenDe KNVB-cup is every year, full of surprises.

After the first bekeravond:
Amateur clubs to eighth-finals: 2
Premier league clubs to eighth-finals: 1


AuteurMichel AbbinkMoment of plaatsen21:45 – 30 October 2018KNVB-cup · 2 hours ago

The party is great at the visitors from Waalwijk, the netherlands in Eindhoven.KNVB-cup · 2-hour geledenDit are the results and standings of tonight:

  • PSV-RKC Waalwijk 2-3
  • AFC-TOP Oss 1-0
  • Cossacks Boys-Almere City 2-1
  • FC Twente-Noordwijk 4-2
  • SC Cambuur-Koninklijke HFC 2-1
  • Urk, the netherlands-Roda JC 0-1


  • The County-PEC Zwolle 0-3

KNVB cup · 2 hours agoRecent! Cambuur beat HFC (1-0), FC Twente switches Noordwijk (4-2) and Cossacks Boys stunt against Almere City: 2-1.KNVB cup · 2 hours ago90+2′ GOAL FC Twente! 4-2

Rafik Zekhnini decides the duel anyway. The margin against Noordwijk is again two.KNVB cup · 2 hours ago

3 – Zian Flemming is the first @PECZwolle player to score a hat-trick since Lars Veldwijk in September 2015 (against Excelsior). Hero.


AuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen21:39 – 30 October 2018KNVB-cup · 2 hours ago90′ GOAL Cossacks Boys! 2-1

Again a amateurclub antics! El Azzouti put the Second Divisionist just before time 2-1 at Almere City.KNVB cup · 2 hours agoRecent! Roda JC makes no mistake and wins of the amateurs of Urk: 0-1.

LAST ⏱️ | Roda JC wins by a goal by El Makrini in Urk. 🏆


AuteurRODA JC KERKRADEMoment of plaatsen21:35 – 30 October 2018KNVB-cup · 2 hours agoVan Bommel: ‘Thought that these players we were’
PSV-trainer Mark van Bommel: “It is clear that these players are not as advanced as I had thought. This is just deeply disappointing. It is not explained. We are better and we have the things running that we need to do, but I had really thought that the players there were. That is so not and so and then you lose of RKC. It is a shame that we don’t win.”KNVB cup · 2 hours ago87′ GOAL Noordwijk! 3-2

Is still exciting at FC Twente-Noordwijk? Wendt makes his second and ensures for 3-2.KNVB-cup · 2-hour geledenHet is peace in Doetinchem. PEC leads with 0-3 against The County.KNVB cup · 2 hours ago44′ GOAL PEC Zwolle! 0-3

The duel in Doetinchem seems to be decided, for PEC increased the margin to three. Flemming punishes fiddling of The County and his third of the evening.KNVB cup · 2 hours ago80′ GOAL Almere City! 1-1

Provisional is a stunt of Cossacks Boys. Stijn Meijer put Almere City next to the Second Divisionist.KNVB-cup · 2-hour geledenRKC-trainer Fred Grim: “This is what you advance want and that we have achieved. We have also, after the 1-0 to the plan is held. It is now also known as the happiness that we have the goals now. Now, we promise ourselves. I’m just happy with the result and we move the tube in, that is the most important.”KNVB cup · 2 hours ago

WHAT A STUNT! @RKCWAALWIJK kegelt @PSV out of the cup! 🔥👏🏼


AuteurKeuken Champion DivisieMoment of plaatsen21:22 – 30 October 2018KNVB-cup · 2 hours ago77′ GOAL to HFC! 2-1

In Leeuwarden, the amateurs of HFC back against Cambuur. Noordmans makes the aansluitingstreffer.KNVB-cup · 2-hour geledenPSV-substitute Donyell Malen: “Everyone is very disappointed. There are so many things wrong. No one was sitting there comfortable in. We should just be ashamed. It is just not good enough. Everyone had it hard and that’s just not good.”KNVB-cup · 2-hour geledenPSV-goalkeeper Eloy Room: “We can only ourselves to blame. Of course, be ashamed of us. This we must simply win. We start well and score immediately. Then you hope that you can continue, but that was unfortunately not. We don’t have a PSV-worthy way played. If you want to win, you must give everything.”KNVB cup · 2 hours ago

1977 – PSV have been eliminated by an First Division team in a KNVB Cup match at home for the first time since 1977 (1-6 against FC Wageningen). Embarrassment.


AuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen20:58 – 30 October 2018KNVB-cup · 2 hours ago23′ GOAL PEC Zwolle! 0-2

Flemming makes his second of the evening. PEC leads comfortably against The County.KNVB cup · 3 hours ago

PSV in the cup since they lost in the final of 2013:
2013/14: sixteenth-finals
2014/15: quarter-final
2015/16: semi-final
2016/17: sixteenth-finals
2017/18: quarter finals
2018/19: sixteenth-finals


AuteurMichel AbbinkMoment of plaatsen20:59 – 30 October 2018KNVB-cup · 3 hours geledenDit are the current performances and results from tonight:

  • 62′ Cossacks Boys-Almere City 1-0
  • 61′ FC Twente-Noordwijk 3-1
  • 62′ SC Cambuur-Koninklijke HFC 2-0
  • 64′ Urk-Roda JC 0-1
  • 22′ The County-PEC Zwolle 0-1


  • PSV-RKC Waalwijk 2-3
  • AFC-TOP Oss 1-0

KNVB cup · 3 hours agoAlso last: AFC wins with 1-0 from TOP Oss, and thus we have in any case one amateurclub in the third round of the KNVB-cup. Yordi Teijsse makes the only goal.KNVB cup · 3 hours ago

RKC surprised with a profit on PSV
PSV have let his house be surprised by RKC Waalwijk. The team from the Kitchen Champion Division wins after extra time with 2-3 of the Premier league-the front-runner. Darren Maatsen is with two goals, including the winner, the big man for the visitors.KNVB cup · 3 hours ago13′ GOAL PEC Zwolle! 0-1

PEC is going to be the lead in Doetinchem. Zian Flemming creates the opening goal against The County.KNVB cup · 3 hours agoPast in Eindhoven! PSV blameert in the second round of the KNVB-cup against RKC Waalwijk: 2-3.KNVB cup · 3 hours ago53′ GOAL Roda JC! 0-1

The visitors come in Urk the lead through El Makrini.KNVB cup · 3 hours geleden120′ There come two minutes.KNVB cup · 3 hours geleden120 ” Lozano shoots the ball over the goal.KNVB cup · 3 hours geleden120′ Free kick for PSV.KNVB cup · 3 hours geleden119′ The time is ticking by. PSV has officially still two minutes to play to the end.KNVB cup · 3 hours geleden117′ PSV turn-on, but still not up to great opportunities.KNVB cup · 3 hours geledenInmiddels will roll the ball at the last bekerduel of this evening: The County-PEC Zwolle.KNVB cup · 3 hours geleden113 ” We have seven official minute on the clock. Can PSV a blamage still prevent against RKC?KNVB cup · 3 hours ago,109′ GOAL for his side! 2-3

What is happening here? RKC is the lead in Eindhoven! After a good conversion shoot Maatsen his second of the night behind Room with a viewed scrubber.KNVB cup · 3 hours ago,106′ of The second extension begins at PSV-RKC! KNVB cup · 3 hours agoRest! The first half of the extension is over in Eindhoven. Also Lozano has not yet been able to do for PSV. RKC holds provisionally handsome stand: 2-2.KNVB cup · 3 hours agoThese are the current performances of tonight:

  • 102′ PSV-RKC Waalwijk 2-2
  • 75′ AFC-TOP Oss 1-0
  • Rest: Cossacks Boys-Almere City 1-0
  • Rest: FC Twente-Noordwijk 3-1
  • Rest: SC Cambuur-Koninklijke HFC 1-0
  • Rest: Urk, the netherlands-Roda JC 0-0
  • The County-PEC Zwolle (20.45 hours)

KNVB cup · 3 hours geleden99′ Hirving Lozano comes within the lines for PSV. The Mexican replaces Mauro. Can he do it for the home team?KNVB cup · 3 hours ago,38′ GOAL FC Twente! 3-1

The margin was again two in Enschede. Again, scoring Espinosa for the home team against Noordwijk.KNVB cup · 3 hours ago64′ GOAL AFC! 1-0

Stunt in the making? The amateurs from the Second Division to come on the edge against TOP Oss. Raily Ignacio makes the goal.KNVB cup · 3 hours ago91′ The ball rolls again in Eindhoven. The first half of the extension between PSV and RKC is on the way (2-2).KNVB cup · 3 hours ago,33′ GOAL Noordwijk! 2-1

The amateurs do what back against FC Twente. Captain Emiel Wendt headlines touch.KNVB cup · 3 hours agoExtra time! PSV will receive a renewal against RKC, because after ninety minutes of the 2-2!KNVB cup · 3 hours ago30′ GOAL FC Twente! 2-0

Immediately, it is also 2-0 for Twente against Noordwijk. This time shoot Aitor touch.KNVB cup · 3 hours ago90+1′ GOAL for his side! 2-2

There is still the final! Darren Maatsen shoot handsome touch after slack defending from PSV.KNVB cup · 3 hours ago,28′ GOAL FC Twente! 1-0

The Tukkers after half an hour the opening goal. Javier Espinosa is doing against Noordwijk.KNVB cup · 3 hours geleden88′ Great chance for his side in the 2-2. After a good attack can be Said Bakari shoot, but his bet is just next to it.KNVB cup · 3 hours geleden86′ Still a few minutes left on the clock in Eindhoven. Can RKC one more time come back?KNVB cup · 4 hours ago19′ GOAL Cambuur! 1-0

The Marbles come up on edge against HFC by a hit from Justin Mathieu.KNVB cup · 4 hours ago76′ GOAL PSV! 2-1

The home team is very happy to lead. Goalkeeper Vaessen goes terribly wrong, the ball and Mauro makes it off.KNVB cup · 4 hours ago11′ GOAL Cossacks Boys! 1-0

The amateurs come on the edge against Almere City. Ahmed El Azzouti makes the goal.KNVB cup · 4 hours geleden70′ The fatigue starts to play a role in RKC. The rooms will be bigger, but PSV could not take advantage.KNVB cup · 4 hours geledenRoda JC is in the early stages the right way against the amateurs of Urk.

5′ | After 5 minutes seems to be the home team the lead, however, is the goal from an offside position.


AuteurRODA JC KERKRADEMoment of plaatsen19:49 – 30 October 2018KNVB-cup · 4 hours geleden63′ Mark van Bommel griffin in. Donyell Times for nota bene the leader of tonight, Bart Ramselaar.KNVB cup · 4 hours geleden1′ The ball rolls at four new duels in the second round of the KNVB cup:

  • Cossacks Boys-Almere City
  • FC Twente-Noordwijk
  • SC Cambuur-Koninklijke HFC
  • Urk, the netherlands-Roda JC

KNVB cup · 4 hours agoThe rest in Amsterdam! Still no goals at AFC-TOP Oss.KNVB cup · 4 hours geleden58′ Dylan Seys has the 1-2 for his side on his shoe, but the attacker wait for eye-to-eye with goalkeeper Eloy Room too long.KNVB cup · 4 hours agoUp! These are the names of The County for the duel with PEC Zwolle.

The County: Etemadi; Owusu, Sven Nieuwpoort, Straalman, Tutuarima; Grease, El Jebli, Baker; Narsingh, Nijland, Van Mieghem.

Over an hour is the kickoff of #GRApec at De Vijverberg 💪
These are all the names of the Superboeren, D’RAN! 🔵⚪


AuteurDe GraafschapMoment of plaatsen19:40 – October 30, 2018KNVB-cup · 4 hours geleden55′ Almost is the 2-1 for PSV. Abel put the ball, but Gakpo blasts at close range on the crossbar.KNVB cup · 4 hours geleden53′ The successful PSV also in the early stages of the second half not to RKC about get the hang of it. It is always exciting in Eindhoven.KNVB cup · 4 hours agoUp! These are the eleven names of PEC Zwolle in Doetinchem. The only duel tonight with two Premier league clubs against each other.

PEC: Van der Hart; Ehizibue, Lachman, Lamb, Pole; Genreau, Bouy, Hammer; Namli, Flemming and Dunes.

Preparation of PEC Zwolle: #grapec #peczwolle


AuteurPEC ZwolleMoment of plaatsen19:33 – 30 October 2018KNVB-cup · 4 hours ago,46′ The ball is rolling for the second company in Eindhoven. Can RKC stunt against PSV or does the home team’s duty.KNVB cup · 4 hours geledenRKC going to stunt in Eindhoven against PSV.

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KNVB cup · 4 hours agoUp! These are the eleven of FC Twente for the duel with Noordwijk. The kick-off is at 19.45.

🔴 ⚽ Line-up for tonight, we’ll kick at 19.45 in The Grolsch Veste.
Jari Oosterwijk is missing in the selection due to illness.
#fctwente #twenoo


AuteurFC TwenteMoment of plaatsen18:36 – 30 October 2018KNVB-cup · 4 hours agoThe rest in Eindhoven! PSV will have to bake the should in the second half, because the home team plays poorly and it is difficult for his side. It is 45 minutes after the surprising 1-1.KNVB cup · 4 hours geleden44 is Now a great chance for PSV. Gutiérrez will get a free kopkans, but targets about.KNVB cup · 4 hours geleden43′ Chance for PSV in the 2-1. Cody Gakpo comes from the left and pulls with the right, but his effort is blocked.KNVB-cup · 5 hours geleden1′ in the Olympic Stadium rolls the ball. AFC (leader Second Division) receives TOP Oss from the Kitchen Champion Division.KNVB-cup · 5 hours ago29′ GOAL for his side! 1-1

There is the equalizer. The visitors are better in the race and turn at the first real chance straight away. Ingo van Weert is completely free, and the headline in touch after a corner kick.KNVB-cup · 5 hours geleden24′ It is to note that PSV with eleven other names of plays than usual. The players have to get used to each other and the game is certainly not sparkling.KNVB-cup · 5 hours geledenNa a quarter of an hour to play PSV has everything under control in our own home, supported by the quick lead.

So we start like 😍


AuteurPSVMoment of plaatsen18:43 – 30 October 2018KNVB-cup · 5 hours ago

4 – Erick Gutiérrez has scored four goals with his four shots on target for @PSV in all competitions. Acquisition.


AuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen18:35 – 30 October 2018KNVB-cup · 5 hours ago1′ GOAL PSV! 1-0

That is fast for the home team. After 26, is counting the all touch. Érick Gutiérrez swings open in the penalty area and scored in the short corner after a blunder from goalkeeper Etienne Vaessen.KNVB-cup · 5 hours ago1′ The ball is rolling in Eindhoven! PSV goes on the hunt for a place in the third round of the cup and must then deal with RKC.KNVB-cup · 5 hours geledenPSV-coach Van Bommel about his preparation: “I dare the guys in it, because I know what they can do. Therefore, we also have a good selection. I hope that we have the same things from that we are also in the training. It is not easy, eh. They do not play each other often.”KNVB-cup · 5 hours geledenHet regent in Eindhoven tonight. Still a few minutes until the kick-off of PSV-RKC.

This weather 🙄🌧


AuteurPSVMoment of plaatsen18:21 – 30 October 2018KNVB-cup · 5 hours geledenHoeveel amateur clubs survive tonight in the second round?

  • No
  • One
  • Two
  • Three
  • Four
  • All five

KNVB cup · 6 hours geledenPSV and RKC played for the last time in 2001 against each other in the cup. The Locals won in Waalwijk after renewal.KNVB cup · 6 hours agoSetup! With these eleven names starts for his side in the match in Eindhoven:

RKC: Vaessen; Gaari, Of Weert, Drost, Quasten; Hansson, Vermeulen, Baggerman; Koenraat, Maatsen, Seys.KNVB cup · 6 hours ago

Up! Mark van Bommel throws his team all the way to the bekerduel of PSV with RKC Waalwijk.

PSV: Room; Abels, Sainsbury, Isimat-Mirin, Behich; Rigo, Gutiérrez, Ramselaar; Mauro Júnior, Gakpo, Verreth.

Dirk Abels and Matthias Verreth make their basisdebuut in the first of the Locals.KNVB cup · 6 hours ago

All the duels tonight at a glance:

18.30 pm:

PSV-RKC Waalwijk

19.00 hrs:

Cossacks Boys-Almere City
FC Twente-Noordwijk
SC Cambuur-Koninklijke HFC
Urk, the netherlands-Roda JC

20.45 hours:
The County-PEC ZwolleKNVB-cup · 11 hours geledenHet program of tonight:

🏆| The first matches in the second round of the #TOTOKNVBBeker stand tonight on the program.


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