Ozzy Osbourne: ’I was not having fun’

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Ozzy Osbourne

Osbourne tells Rolling Stone that no fun was allowed to make when he was in Black Sabbath was. According to him, caused guitarist Tony Lommi sure that it isn’t nice at all was to act together.

“With Black Sabbath I’m just a singer with a band. But solo is really different. I have all the freedom and can be so much fun to create as I want. It is not allowed to make fun with Sabbath.”

“I’m not fuckin ‘serious singer”

He explains that it’s all the fault of Tony. “It was just all way too seriously. Tony also said that I did not by his solo’s could talk. That you can’t believe? Because the majority of the song consists of solos, I sing maybe two seconds and then comes another solo.”

The 69-year-old singer has, now that he is solo on the stage, much more to his liking. “I try, very consciously, more fun, that is also what music means to me. I’m not fuckin ‘ serious singer, I try the public just to stir.”

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